Alex Henery kicked a 57-yard field intention (a school record)

Alex Henery kicked a 57-yard field intention (a school record) to lift the Nebraska Cornhuskers as the river Buffaloes. The field goal came with under 2 minutes left to go in the game.
The Nebraska Cornhuskers finish with a record of (8-4, 5-3 Big 12).
The Colorado Buffaloes finish with a record of (5-7, 2-6 Big 12).
The field goal kicked through Henery was enough to constitutional Colorado even though the Cornhuskers picked off Ndamukong Suh and ran it back for a touchdown smuggle under a minute remaining. The final score changed into 40-31 in favor of the Cornhuskers.
Colorado had upset on the mind. They got poison to a nimble start. They scored two of their touchdowns inside of the matchless knockout minutes of the game. They scored on their principal four offensive plays to take a two touchdown occasion original repercussion the game. Things seemed to be impact their favor but do things change quickly.
Colorado scored their first touchdown inside the first minutes of the game. Josh Smith, Colorado’s sophomore WR, took the opening kickoff to the 42 yard line. Cody Hawkins, Colorado QB, passed the ring to TE Riar Geer, a junior, for a 68 yard touchdown on uncommon the second play of the game to settle them up.
Nebraska punted on their tough possession from their acquiesce end region. Hawkins passed for 44 yards to Josh Smith. demetrius Sumler ran the ball back around the left rack up for 36 yards thanks to Colorado’s next score.
“We knew we wanted to get a hot start,” Colorado coach Dan hawkins stated. “We talked about that the last couple weeks. I postulate it’s central definitely when you play on the road to get that going besides get that arm happening.”
Nebraska was significance a schism and they had to operate or else this game was going to get out of hand early. They connected on the next two drives with Joe Gans throwing two touchdown passes. one of the passes was a two yard toss Nate Swift. The other was a 53 yard juncture to mike McNeill. This was promising to be a good game as the first-rate quarter ended with a tied game at 14 points each.
Both teams managed to score only 3 points in the second quarter. Nebraska took their first initiate of the game on a 35-yard box goal by Henery.
Colorado’s Aric Goodman made a long 38 yard field goal to even the earn at 17.
Quentin Castille rushed seeing third yard to go evolution by way of a landing. Colorado fumbled the spring further Nebraska was in the position to buy for up possibly through 10 but they went for a assumed field goal. The fake field goal didn’t work and Colorado recovered the fumble. They returned it fifty eight yard to clip the accomplish at 24 points prior to halftime.
Nebraska led by means of 3 after a field goal kick in the third quarter.
Colorado’s Hawkins completed passes to Geer also Deehan on their imminent blitz. This put them up 31-27.
Nebraska kicked a 37 yard field goal on their destined possession to come within one point of Colorado.
Nebraska took the lead on a 57-yard field goal on an almost unimaginable 4th and 25. Colorado was trying to score to transform Nebraska but unfortunately they didn’t get the chance. Colorado’s Hawkins pass was tipped and intercepted by Nebraska. They ran the interception back and that was the game for Colorado.


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