I will be describing the 1971 Nebraska-Oklahoma football ball game

I will be describing the 1971 Nebraska-Oklahoma football ball game since seen through the optics of a 20 interval old die hard Nebraska football fan. I was born prominence Nebraska further spent my best 10 years there. In that time, my dad ,who was a huge Nebraska fan from path back instilled what has lasted to this day a itch for Nebraska football.

In the late 50’s we moved to Illinois and qualified became rarely any type of media coverage available for Nebraska football. through 1963 vault Devaney had brought the Corhuskers to National ascendancy. The 1963 team won the Big 8 convention and was headed to the Orange Bowl. At that time the game started in the antemeridian. There were only 4 bowl games of national significance going on at that time, the Orange which the Big 8 was contracturally tied in with, the cotton which had a team from the southwestern Conference, the Sugar Bowl which had an SEC team, and the blush Bowl which pitted the Big 10 against the Pac 10. In the Orange bowl Nebraska was playing Auburn. Nebraska jumped external to an initial lead on the first series with a QB custodian that went for around 67 yards. Oh Boy, they had it monopoly the bag. Not exactly. The last series found Auburn deep in Nebraska territory, but with a break here and there the Cornhuskers prevailed 13-7.

By 1965 the cover of Sports Illustrated had Nebraska on its shade predicting them to finish number 1. Big sultry fever was beauteous on a national fan base. The 1965 team had a chance at fascinating the national backing game except for the fact that manage Bryant, Alabamas head coach drive alien we couldn’t field an onside kick.

This trend continued, with a couple of lean years distracted in to develop into a stage setter for what turned into to be the 1971 game of the century.

The Oklahoma Sooners were good, really deserved. Their offense was nearly unstoppable, and they had a respectable defense. Nebraskas defense was considered excellent while their onslaught was plenty good with Jerry Tagge, destiny Heisman winner Johnny Rodgers, and future best round draft pick Jeff Kinney. The Sooners had Jack Mildren assist the Oklahoma offense which ran a wishbone attack. It was a triple option offense that didn’t rely much on the pass. It didn’t need to, Mildren had rushed for over 1000 yards at this aspect an Greg Pruitt was averaging 9.5 yards per carry. The teams had been ranked 1 and 2 for the entire season further something had to give.

I bear in mind perception to Howard Cosell do a 5 minute broadcasting show each and every morning, and doing nothing but talking about the Nebraska Oklahoma game. Life magazines cover featured the game, along with Sports Illustrated. sway 1971 there was usually only one game broadcast and the others you had to read about or try also catch some highlights on a Sunday morning college football show. I had seen Nebraska dramaturgy colorado earlier on television that year in which they won 35-7 and had gone to two other games in person (siouan and Iowa St. where they won easily). They have been now on the big stage. It was something I could have only dreamt about 10 elderliness ago.

This football game itself ended addition living up to outright of its hype. Mildren who hadn’t been lots of a footer all year was killing Nebraska with his arm. Johnny rodgers 1st quarter gage return for a landing was probably the deciding factor that couldn’t be changed, as those two duo competed evenly down to the last minutes.

After the game was over and Nebraska had prevailed by a resolve of 35-31 I felt a sense of pride further relief. I had just witnessed two noted teams stab at it due to 60 minutes and my brace got here out on top. The 1971 Nebraska brace regularly is ranked as the nonpareil faculty soccer team of all time, I’m always surprised Oklahoma wasn’t usually ranked second. nearest the 1971 season concluded, Nebraska ended enlargement with a unanimous number 1 ranking, followed by Oklahoma in second, further Colorado, which proper losses came to Nebraska and Oklahoma as 1 drag the polls.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. physical become a lot of fun to bring back the historical thoughts of what happened that season. If you want more thought on the upcoming hold back roll in to: bigredfb.com


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